The WORST Day of the YEAR


Hello Brian! Be sure to tell George that we miss him! I’m glad to see his face when they do their harvest!

So is the first day of planting happier? Or when all the crops are sold. I laughed a lot

I hope to see you kill the deer !! Whitetail Yang

The rails are really felt in the grain wagon on this soft surface. Excellent kit accessories.

“Why not put a sensor in her box?” – Anticipating almost all the combination problems this season.

Congratulations on the end of the harvest, but especially on the successful harvest! We finished about 2 weeks ago. Squishy Brown survived the first harvest. Grows up. Have fun trying Brown Farms.

At least you finished in November, I remember when you did it in January a few years ago

Is there anything in the line up to this spring? Are you planning an autumn track?


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