Recovering a tipped crane


The best security camera site in history.
“A little recession”, would be titled like “a day when my life changed forever (a great pity)” in every other way.

“I’m not lucky, I ride a bike.” That is my answer to everything.

Next part: Repair the crane emergency brake.

This cat tried to capture the entire crane from the air. What a beast of the green monster!

Dude, the total commitment behind these videos. If he slept before the beams stopped, I wonder what else he raised his sleeve.

The young man was killed when the truck hit him. The sad thing is that he left his wife and children behind, perhaps when he was wearing a seatbelt. I’m so glad you’re safe, hello, Andrew.

I’m glad you left, and I like how relaxed you are about it. “Happens”

I was waiting for the 100-year-old secretary to answer the phone when she calls the 60-year-old manual 🙂 🙂


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