Picking up grain bags & sledding


I wouldn’t be surprised if Ashtyn has a huge life insurance policy for you, Mike! Please continue in the same spirit!
Whenever possible, you can show us the station unloading and / or train loading. It would be nice to see how the entire supply chain works.

It just goes to show that even on large farms like Michael there is still a lot of physical labor and anger, like picking up snow or rotten grain.

I once dragged two of my nephews on a snowboard behind a car in a field and made a donut that caused the strings to wrap around the car and the windshield wiper blades to come loose.
This scream reminds me of what a child was like 50 years ago. We had a sixty meter rope on a flying saucer and a snowmobile. We had fun

You see too much mic when you see the field he’s in after harvest lol
Does soil moisture get through the plastic? Especially when rain and water trap water?


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