Oh Sht! What happened ??


The look on your face when that spreader let loose…OMG. You looked like a 13-year-old boy seeing a naked woman for the first time

Ellie has that strong cow herding gene set. When a guy is hauling manure, shit happens. Weld or hook a section of chain to the correct pin top and chain the the spreader so ya got the correct pin. I hate pin shanks, give me a good old pintle hook shank hookup with lock cap. Spray that spreader chain and rear spinner blades down with canola or bean oil before you put it away for the winter after washing, stops the rust.

Poo farmers plant corn, harvest corn, feed corn to critters, critters poo, humans spread poo on harvested field, sell critters, humans eat critters. It’s the critter circle of life.

I must miss Brian’s Never Tell You ……… you are always excellent. It is a pleasure to spend time with all of you and just seeing you on the farm for one day. I never thought or saw
What was the reality of one day on a farm? At my age, it’s interesting to learn about how everything works. It’s never too old to learn and enjoy other people’s work. anyone. You have to love this! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
May God grant health and stay safe !!


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