The rare Lighter Restoration – World War I Trench


Awesome I bought this rare lighter from the family to restore it (they want to be completely anonymous), the lighter was delivered with its remains during WW1, was injured in battle, but survived but unluckily died of the flu along with thousands of other soldiers. I don’t think we can even imagine what life is like in these trenches. It’s a real hell. This lighter has not been touched since then. 120 years to be exact. This gives me shivering and performance anxiety. So, I do this lighter with the utmost respect and consistently doing my best to not overdo the restoration. (I know for this) 😬 The person who sent me this lighter saw the lighter and video before uploading it to YouTube and was VERY happy with the result of this Restoration Video. This is my second lighter restoration – and it has been a good but slightly tense experience. You can see my hand shaking a little in some video shots.


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