Business machines are divided into two groups; vehicles operating in a fixed position and vehicles operating by switching places. Scoops (loader) are located in a group of vehicles that work in by changing the place . Many operations such as excavation,loading,transportation and unloading are carried out with these tools.
Ground digging machines are classified according to the work done; just digging ( excavator) and loading (backhoe loader ) and digging and bearing (scraper). Loaders are machines that serve to fill soil that is not difficult to dig into vehicles. There are two types; intermittent and continuous running. It consists of an interrupted thype tractor and a bucket part that allows loading in front. The bucket part is moved by hydraulic systems. Excavating are carried out thanks to the movement of walking in continuous thypes and the excavated material is filled into vehicles going at the same speed.
Special wheel loaders are versatile in tight spaces even in the narrowest of line. It offers exceptional maneuverability,speed,on the ground accuracy in pratice and ease of moving from site of site. Standard bucket ( digging bucket) has a width of 1,150 mm. The scoop has a total length of 3.721 mm and total length of 3.063 mm without bucket. A special wheel has standard bucket capacity 1.15m3. It is load sensitive with hydraulic system. Thanks to the hydraulic system, precise use of multiple hydraulic functions simultaneously with the closed-center system and maxinum fuel savings are achieved. Rubber wheel excavators are designed so that they can go to remote location on their own without the need for transport by another vehicle. Rubber wheel excavators consists of 4 wheels driven by hydromotors insteads of pallets under the main chassis. Rubber wheel excavators are construction machines that are subject to law of higways in the city,whose scraping bodies on the main chassis are the same as crawler excavators.


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