Kirovets tractors with PPO-8-35 PERESVET and Gregoire Besson SPB9 reversible plows plow in one furrow


Two Kirovets tractors (K-744R2 and K-700A) with two reversible plows (PPO-8-35 PERESVET and Gregoire Besson SPB9) plow the field together, one after another, in the “same furrow” – how often do you see such a picture? I don’t! Therefore, I could not miss this opportunity and look at the work of two plows in comparison, especially since they work together!

A few words about plows:

  1. GREGOIRE BESSON SP B9 – a well-known plow from a world manufacturer of tillage equipment – a semi-mounted reversible plow for “in-furrow” plowing, ie.


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