JOHN DEERE 8420 Tractor Plowing


Perhaps no one can doubt the capabilities of this technique. However, Kirovets’ strength in the context of other tractors is in any case a pleasant and impressive sight. The Hot Motors Youtube channel has produced a special video summary in which the K-700 enters the competition with other wheeled and tracked vehicles by pulling a cable or rigid link.

At the beginning of the video, it may appear to you that the driver of Kirovets irreversibly “wears” the fight, but during the confrontation the situation changes. There are several such moments in the video: at first, resonance oscillation can be considered a characteristic feature of the K-700 and modifications K-700A and K-701, but the result is almost always an inevitable result. But the competitors are extremely valuable: the Czech eight-wheeled Tatra 813, the German Claas Atles 926, the American John Deere 8420 …

Small power tractors, ATV / UTV, garden tractors. Name the strange effect of COVID-19 on the used equipment market. People who have hobby farms at home divert money from food or breaks into equipment. At, we saw an 83% increase in search traffic for garden tractors in the second quarter of 2020.

Combine harvesters for tractors from 1 to 3 years and with warranty. The highest auction price I have ever seen on a modern tractor came in an online auction held June 19 in Northeast Illinois: $ 407,000 or 3,000 hours for the John Deere 9620RX 2018 Tractor with 623 hours and limited transmission until June 20.

Tractors aged 10 to 15 years with reduced working hours. The Dennis and Lona Larson Farm Retreat auction on July 16 in Sherburn, Minnesota featured a beautiful 2005 John Deere 8420 tractor for 2,051 hours, before IV and DEF. It sold for $ 133,000, making it the second-highest auction price in five years at 8420. Kevin Kahler of Auctioneer Alley told me, “Pete, we received calls from all over the place. in the United States was a large crowd for a smaller auction with more than 400 bidders registered live and online. This 8420 was the highlight of any tractor we have for a long time. “It’s a higher auction price, but it ‘s still a lot cheaper than a new one.


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