Incredible Modern and High Level Farming Machines like you’ve never seen


I like seeing the new stuff for farming, I love the subtitles. Its great to know what it is the machine is actually doing and not having to guess

Provides financing to farmers in need for the implementation of their agricultural project the subsidies are available for the purchase of inputs, agricultural equipment, for groups of people (associations, cooperatives, grouping, etc.) for a period maximum of 3 to 30 years. Sector: -Raising of feeder cattle -Porciculture -Cuniculture – Poultry farming -Plant production (market gardening and food crops) – Fish farming AND any kind of innovative agricultural system (organic farming, irrigation systems and others) are eligible Get a loan and start repaying in 3 years until your project or your investment is profitable. Are you interested? If so, please contact us for


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