If It Wasn’t Filmed Not Who Wouldn’t Believe – Tractors In Extreme Conditions Work


You are quite right, if it hadn’t been filmed I wouldn’t have believed anyone would try ploughing in those conditions! At 7:48 gets the prize for the worst tractor driver EVER !

They saw the suffering tractor deliver to the bar stalls and waited less

It’s too painful to watch. I was in similar situations – when I was twelve and I didn’t know any better. If there is water in the field, stop the tractor in the yard and let the sun and wind do whatever it takes to dry the field. If you are trying to lift a load on a sandy step, you will need to lighten the load at the bottom of the hill. If you’re plowing under conditions that require you to retreat and do another run on the track, what do you think the ground will look like when it dries? It doesn’t work, it is, I know it’s a video on the internet, but these CDs are just idiots.

This tractor got stuck in mud. A rod protruding 30 to 40 cm inside the circle. When you spin the wheel it will run a little and get you out of mud


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