Harvest Grapes in Erie County Pennsylvania


We used one similar to this on our ranch in California for years saved thousands on labor…nice to see some vineyard action
I was on a tour in that aria October 2019 and saw Welches name. I wondered what that was all about. I thought maybe apple juice didn’t see the vineyards , now I know.
Man, I think I’d get lost out there. You can’t tell what row has been picked and what hasn’t. Whew, I’ll stick to corn & beans. Thanks for sharing Mike!
Never would have thought that many grapes were grown in Pennsylvania good video
we got a few vineyards in Snyder county Pa and a few surrounding counties but they most hand pick the grapes for wine.
I live in Erie Pa. It’s nice to see this video I have never seen grapes being picked before I have helped pick corn and oats before and helped put hay in at our farm our farm was farther inland so no grapes are grown inland


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