Harvest Glenvar 2007 – Wheat Australia big lexion


The balers are not hydraulically operated, at least not the ones I have used before. They are driven by a cardan shaft, like combine harvesters.
Even years after seeing her for the first time, I love this video! Too cold to harvest wheat and straw at this speed all at once. And I really like music. I checked because I want to share it with a friend and I wanted to make sure that 1) it was still there and 2) it was still shaking.
This music (Mettalica) is played during the wheat harvest in my fields in the Czech Republic. Agriculture is my life’s work.
My son and I watch this video three times a week it’s always great ….. great songs and great songs
Oh my God this is the BEST YouTube video for agriculture and farming machinery !! I adore! great cars, thanks for the video, greetings from poland!
This is one of the best videos. I’m glad you have the sound. I hope someday you will make a new harvest video.
At least I could watch this video with music, because it’s also one of my favorites. The coordination of the pilots is good and timely. a great video was shot.


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