Farmer girl drives with the John Deere deep loosening to the field


hello, I live in Europe I like to watch interesting films about agriculture from other continents, I’m waiting for new episodes, you’re a cool girl

Nice piece of land!, what is type of soil in that region? Wery beautifful young lady on 6920 Johny:)…..
I sent it to you, Zakka, about your health. I am from Egypt, very poor, and myself in a tractor like this
Do you need a worker I’m ready to work?
Just discovered your channel and watched this video for first. Subscribed to _ You’re gorgeous and skilled too. Thanks for posting <3
hi Layd. I looking job for myself. my education has just finished. I can work for a low wage. only problem this: İ m living in Turkey. I don’t know English just a little. that’s ol. thanks. bye


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