Extreme Dangerous Big Monster Wheel Loader Powerful Working Fastest Heavy Equipment Modern Machines


Stop putting dangerous in your title, it’s rubbish

Can you be more realistic on your thumbnails

If anyone wants to read anything about Quran or Islam online, please contact

Incredible machines , those heavy duty earthmovers , might not look good , but they are powerful enough to shape the very world we live on ! Kudos to their creators , engineers , mechanics etc .

liked what there was, but the head line said wheeled loader ,have to say Bull malarkie…..

Where is the monster pay loader,meaning you convert the loader into bulldozer haizt haizt,wasted my time

2 men spraying water and some men crawling around on a machine of some sort. Very very intelligent and very very dangerous.

Mythology says it is Iron Age (Kali Yug) But scientists says It is IRON AGE (Machinery Age) . Thanks to Scientists.


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