Machines are tools that make human life easier.These tools are involved in the every aspect of our life.Construction machines have the power to do things that human power cant’nt do. Excavating machines,usually used in digging ,filling,splitting,pulling and pushing,are called dozers.Ground digging machines are collected in different categories in terms of their working forms and characteristics. Dozers are in the group of excavators that excavate on foot.Tonka is the biggest dozer in the world. It consists of a dozer diesel powered engine,track and rubber wheel,(shield)blade control location connected to main chassis with special levers,control levers and hydraulic lifting levers or lifting ropes. Shield sizes vary due to the strength of dozers and their use for various work. Accordingly,dozers’s length usually varies between 2-4,5 meters and their height 0,6-1,5 meters.

 Dozers shield forms are three types:bulldozers,tilt dozers,angel dozers in terms of their mechanical or hydraulic application to the condition and work of the arms.Bulldozer shields can be lifted up to 60-100 cm up to 30-50cm down from the floor where the dozer sits with the help of lifting arms. The shields of tilt dozers can be raised so that one end is at on angle of 10degrees compored to the other end. Angel dozer shields can be brought according to the state of bulldozer and tilt dozer shields and can also be rotated up to 30degrees from right to left. Angle dozers are used for slope excavations,trench opening,pushing and transporting excavated materials  up to 90 meters and laying.

 The elements of the dozers consist of tractor. The floor excavated with a bulldozer plate is pushed by depositing in front of the plate.Dozer is known as a crawler work machine used at ground level. It ha a powerful scoop that can move up and down in the level direction from the front.


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