The bulldozer bresks the soil with a cutter blade on the underside of the bucket and scrapapes its up. The dozer consists of a tractor and a steel blade of different shapes,the ends of which are fixed to this tractor. Steel blade is used in dragging and spreading ground digging.

It can drag the lifted soil by pushing it forwad through its scoop. The scoop is lowered slightly to scrope the soil surface while standing in the upward position in motion. The movement of the bucket was previouly provided by steel cables. Today,it is widely supplied with hydraulics. The bucket has perpendicular or oblique types according to its position to the direction of movemont of bulldozers. In bulldozers with an oblique type bucket called a side dozer,scraping and drifting soil from piling up in front. The bulldozers,weighing between 4-40 tons,are equipped with a powerfull ( 50-700 horsepower) diesel engine and have a high push and pull power.

Dozers are divided into groups according to walking groups( crawler dozer,flat crwler dozer,triangle crawler dozer) and according to the condition of the blade(bulldozer,tiltdozer,angeldozer).

Factors such as power and capacity of dozers,soil type,soil thrust distance in excavations,drainaje status,organization of work,training status of dozer operator,type and density of vegetstion,height of work area from sea,weather conditions an so on affect the efficiency of dozers. The power and capacity of dozers increases as tje weight and strength of dozers increase,and the cast of digging a unit volume decrease.Machine specifications and dimensions; machine weight and blade it changes according to its shape. Dozers is general, manufactured with 40-700HP engine power,weighing 4-80tons references dozer use,countries need public a big one in the sector as well as in the private sector engine power 300-400 HP and weight 30-40 it consists of tone.Dozers are generally used in a variety of soil leveling operations,such as road construction or field opening.They can also be used for the purpose of pulling cylinders and similar work machines. It is a very convenient tool for correction of rough terrain. In short 180-200 (HP) horsepower dozers are used in the construction of forest roads.


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