CAT Excavator



Types of dozers by drivetrain: hydromechanicsdrivetrain and hydrostatic drivetrain it is divided into two groups as drivetrain. Dozer atachments include blade and ripper.Diesel engine located on dozer,for dozer system it is used as a power source. The engines uses the chemical energy of the fuel to heat and mechanical energy converts. Diesel engines internal combustion 2 and 4 stroke they are manufactured as. 4-stroke diesel engines usable in dozers. Piston 2 times up and down movement with 4 times what we call intake,compression,explosion and exhaust times are formed in diesel engine. A cycle of all this time they are called. In other words,a cycle 720 degree rotation of the crank in 4 stroke engines it is being completed.

To use the machine efficiently; the blade is flat and upright if the terrain is soft in the dozing process the location must be brought to and both of the material stacked on the knife edge it should be noted that it is equal on the side. If the ground is hard and rocky, the blade should be brought tilting so extremely hard and rorcky ground should be loosened by ripping. Dozing on sloping terrain,making use of machine weight for downhill should be done. Material pushing distance in dozing is more than 50-100 meters should not be done. Pallet settings should be made according to the floor.On a hard and frozen ground , the knife should be tilted. Single- side dozing to the blade angle state it must be brought. Digging angle,depth,speed and direction in ripering according to the ground it must be adjusted. The first pass should not be deep. Low gear should be used  in ripering. Maneuvre should not do in ripering. Downhill if ripering is appropriate should be done.In short, the operator must know almost everything about the dozer and know where to do what.


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