Cat D10N Dozer Pulling Fishing Boats Up On The Beach


File this under “things you didn’t know you wanted to see until it popped up in your feed!” Tough boats!

I heard that Norway put barcodes on all of their naval ships. That’s so when they return to port they can scan-da-navy-in. Lol

Beauty-the sea is a Paradise . You can look at water , fire , beautiful girls and the work of heavy machinery for a long time .

Never stand that close to a cable or chain under stress…if they pop they can take you apart.

I had an old friend. He built fishing boats in Washington and California he would show me pictures of them building them on beach and push them in. Pull them out repair them. Like no big deal and some were like 60 feet long and 30 ft tall. His name was Harry Alls best welder I’ve ever seen and ever will see. Been gone about 15 years.


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