Canadian Foodgrains Bank Winter Wheat Harvest 2016- 18 Combines -Killarney, Manitoba


By the grace of God to us Canadian farmers, to open a very short window to dry first.

Thank you to all the farmers. This is nice.

The grain is spinning in the stem as it needs to be dried sequentially, so they are still not the same green and are at the driest and leftmost ready. Grass is cut evenly and Piling should be reduced at the same time.

We are not Texas, but the time required for the North’s top performance is shorter for many people.
I was in the Combine Six in 1966, but I was near the combine and I was not. I like it, I see a weak moment.
For man, we must be Canadian farmers and their families in Canada and all over the world.

In Canada, you have to roll the rows down as before dry harvest, but at lower stages, before mixing them.


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