Biggest Tractors Stuck in Mud Compilation | Tractor Pull and Sound 2020


that man lives on the edge, i seen cables and chains snap, can cut you in half

It’s A pain for work but you know all of these men secretly love when they get stuck so the Can use the full Horsepower.

These abusers need to be reported to PETT (People for the Ethical Treatment of Tractors)

I thought I was stupid for places I drove a tractor and got stuck. Compared to most of these. I was smart. 19 minute. He forgot the FWA.

poor people got the quadtrack stuck… HOW DID THE DRIVER MANAGED TO GET THE QUADTRACK STUCK!!!

I guess some country boys don’t know how to get out the mud the less RPMs the better the more traction you will get well that’s just maybe on our farm just the measly 1500 acres but we do still get stuck in a country boy if you can’t play in the mud
Great video but can’t believe there were no Big Bud 747s.


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