150 CASE steam engine plowing with 36 bottom John Deere plow


In fact, it is easier to repair than any modern John Deere tractor.
“What if we plant the train?” Probably the inventor of this

What a great car. Imagine growing up without technology and one day this animal appears in your agricultural city and plows half of the cities in one day every year.
My grandfather was a seller of Case traction engines in the 1900s, and his business is still standing, with high swing doors and a two-inch concrete floor. I wish I could go back in time one day
In the meantime, my John Deer engine is stuck due to a faulty sensor … the trick is to determine which of the 100 and above …

Holy cats !! Conquer the internet with your beauty !!! Did anyone else notice how rich this soil is?

Good Lord. I suppose everyone, like me, is wondering what the hell can a modern tractor do to make that happen? Oh, I’m sure they are there. … … … I’m just curious !!

Make hard work easier! This thing could probably take two of those things away.
You know this tractor is cool, but have you seen this country? There is beautiful, black and fertile soil there.

I don’t think it will go through Cali emissions

I was born in 1940, I grew up in London and the guy across the street was a fireman on a steam engine. He took me to steam farms a few times to get his salary. The engines were clean and smoked everywhere, although I didn’t know it at such a young age. My father worked in tunnel construction and built 7 parallel tunnels on the double track railway from North London to Scotland. This allows for bidirectional work in both directions.
My uncle had a farm in North Wales, I took the train in Paddington, London, and my uncle was waiting for me in Wrexham. I plow horses and my nephews’ job is to chop and feed them at the end of each day. Then they stayed by the lake for about an hour and we took them out. Those old men changed when you finished each quarter. They could plow the field without telling them anything. Then my uncle told me on a trip that he had bought a Gray Ferguson tractor and I cried because in London the swimming milk horses were replaced by electric horses and abandoned.
When I arrived at the farm, I was relieved to see that they had gone to the garden. Now I could enjoy learning to drive a tractor.
When I asked what those huge stone blocks and cast iron corners were all over the farm building, my uncle told me they were needed to run the steam engines that plow the fields. They rolled upside down and kicked the car aside. Two are installed on each side of the field and are plowed with long cables, a smaller version than you showed. It spun and the other engine spun and so on.
This method proved to be problematic and expensive, so horses were reused, steam locomotives were used to transport goods to the market and Liverpool docks, so corner posts continued to be used.
My first job was to help engineers with measurements in an old steam locomotive tunnel that was being expanded for electrification. So, in my life I saw the end of the horse, steam, Concorde and my brain to remember phone numbers. But you awakened my Steam memories, so thank you very much for that.


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